Refurbished Vintage Stereo Consoles with Modern Audio Components

Retro Mod Radio is a blissful culmination of mid-century beauty with state of the art technologies.

Starting with a distinctive refurbished vintage stereo console, the dusty internals that were designed to play AM radio stations are removed; making way for high- end audio components supplying as much as 200 watts (compare that to about 25-30 watts in the orginal amplifiers)! Then, the old paper stiff speakers are replaced with high power woofers and tweeter.

We replace the rudimentary record player with a new high-fidelity turntable, and add bluetooth– to bring your music alive!

Do you have a non-working vintage stereo console taking up space in your home? We will also refurbish your old cabinet, or integrate an ipad mini into an existing refurbished console.

We also offer a vintage stereo console sound upgrade, adding 3-way speakers, bluetooth, 200 Watt DAC amplifier, a digital sound processor, and a Pro-Ject RM 1.3 turntable to an already refurbished stereo console. We often carry vintage speakers as well- check back often as we are always updating our selection.

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These vintage stereo consoles sell very quickly. It's become difficult to update two websites with our constantly changing inventory, so consoles and other products that we currently have in stock are listed below. Click on an item to learn more about an item or purchase it on Etsy.
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