Retro Mod Radio will change the way you listen to music!

We specialize in re-purposing vintage stereo consoles with modern sound.

About Us- Repurposed Vintage Stereo ConsolesRetro Radio represents the blissful culmination of midcentury beauty with state of the art audio technology. Starting with a distinctive mid-century stereo console, the dusty internals that were designed to play AM radio stations are then removed; making way for high end audio amplifiers supplying as much as 100 watts (compare that to about 5-10 watts in the original amplifiers). Then, the old paper speakers are replaced with  high powered woofers and tweeters to bring your music alive!

Our Units are Designed For:

1. People who appreciate high quality sound
2. People who like the vintage look, but want modern convenience and reliability
3. Difficult to buy for people
4. Those who are unique
5. Music lovers
6. Anyone who wants a great conversation piece

What We Do

Starting with a non-working, broken down 1950 Stereo Console we gut the internal components and completely re-amp it. Upon ordering, it will be outfitted with all new modern electronics, powerful Bluetooth amp supplying 200 watts, new belt driven ultra low mass tone arm equipped turntable and amazing speakers and crossovers all carefully selected to deliver the best possible sound from your vintage console. This combination of components has come from hundreds of variations tried and countless hours of careful analysis to perfectly match all electronics that work together as if it were factory built.

Our fully restored vintage stereo consoles can play any music you pump through them. Input devices include tablets, smart phones, laptops, or MP3 players, or anything with 3.5mm input jack (headphone jack). If you wish to listen to mid-century music as these beauties once played, there are a number of web based sources of radio players that can be played though your device as well. Volume and EQ settings are all controlled on your input device making it easy to adjust settings all in just place.

Enjoy HiFi in high quality and vintage style that will satisfy even the most distinguished audiophile’s ears!