Please take a moment to read our buyer’s guide to our repurposed vintage stereo consoles.

Each unit is carefully relived of all original contents exempt in cases where electronics may be placeholders or serve cosmetic function. From there each speaker cabinet is scientifically constructed to manufacturer spec to reproduce the best possible sound for each driver. We then construct adaptor plates to accommodate new electronics in place of the large original components. From there we use a unique floating turntable design to allow our carefully selected turntables to play as uninterrupted as possible in the presences of the new drivers.


All units receive an individual grade. Most are Grade A- fantastic at low volumes but clear and warm at high volumes. We combined the very best of digital stereo sound and latest aptX Bluetooth technology (not all Bluetooth is equal) with the warmth and familiarity of rich tubed analog sound. Feel like digital sound and convenience…flip open you favorite streaming audio service such as Pandora, Tidal, Rhapsody. Then pamper your ear drums with a flip of a switch and listen to those same songs on vinyl via analog, tube inputs. Truly a new experience that will bring back to life your old music in a way you’ve never heard.

Because each unit is carefully matched for speaker size as well as speaker cabinets the sound we achieve will blow you away. This sound quality will satisfy any audiophile.


Most units are in very good vintage condition unless noted. Some small scratches on top and side typical on these units. Fabric style speaker covers are in great shape. Normal vintage wear otherwise. We only select the very best units that are not only cosmetically excellent, but also structurally sound as well to last another several generations. The only surprises you should have is the amazing sound!

•Standard build: As described above. Plug and play setup great for big sound via Bluetooth and also to bring back that old vinyl collection or starting a new one!

•Upgraded build: As describe above with even more!!! This is a good fit for the current audiophile who enjoys vinyl now, may have a current sound system but looking for some new gear with a cool vintage look. Also, for someone who likes more user interface and flexibility. This upgrade package allows for flexibility but also requires more setup. Turntable may require balancing of tone and and alignment of needle via provided instructions. Equalizer settings may involve software download. It includes all described above plus:

DSP – digital sound processor that allows total sound customization via 31 band equalizer that comes pre-programmed by us, then optionally fully customizable by you at home using your PC or MAC if so desired but can also be left in our factory settings.

3-way speaker setup and crossovers to enhance midrange sound commonly sought after with vinyl listeners

Upgraded Pro-Ject RM 1.3 turntable (may vary based on space and construction)

Tube preamp goes from 2 tubes to 3 for richer cleaner sound

Upgraded Phono preamp to match turntable

Upgraded patch cables to deliver cleaner sound

Add: $1499

•Most units are made to order. Old turntable and amplifier will be replaced by new components.

•Ships within 4-6 weeks. All of our units undergo intensive testing to ensure reliability for years to come.

•Shipping to US addresses only in lower 48 states. If there is a special circumstance there may be a charge such as delivery upper floors or to a commercial location etc. Please contact me if in question.

•Shipping takes about 10-14 days for white glove delivery. We handle all of this. All you do is take a phone call from the delivery company to arrange a drop off time at your delivery location.


All units are built to withstand not only freight shipping but also designed to be serviced by the end user. This means that if any part should fail, it can be easily replaced by the end user with our support. Because we are a parts distributor, all parts are covered by the manufacture warranty. Extensive testing is done before installation as well as after to ensure longevity.